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Reed Hastings was inspired to start Netflix after racking up a $40 late fee on a VHS copy of Apollo 13.
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This is what Twitter was made for (via @karalee)

This is what Twitter was made for (via @karalee)

When you think about it, Twitter is something like a casual conversation among friends over dinner: Jokes, gossip, idle chatter, despair, philosophy, snark, outrage, news bulletins, mourning the dead, passing the time, remembering favorite lines, revealing yourself.
Roger Ebert | When cancer stole Roger Ebert’s voice, Twitter gave him a new one 


Last night at the Oscars, our favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted this selfie with Daniel Radcliffe, and it’s currently the most popular Oscar-related Tumblr post from the day of the show!

With more than 90k notes and climbing, the reblog tree is especially impressive on this post. Look at how reblogs of this post have spread through Tumblr (and so fast!). JGL has received 7,800 direct reblogs and more than 43,600 amplified reblogs so far. 

Most Web pages can be connected in 19 clicks or less, thanks to search engines, large aggregators and social networking sites, according to a paper on network science by Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási. As the Smithsonian magazine reported, these sites act as hubs for the Web at large — or, as Smithsonian’s Joseph Stromberg puts it, the “Kevin Bacons” of the Web.
Most Web pages can be connected in 19 clicks, study says
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