More than 1,000 American rabbis have signed a joint letter welcoming refugees and noting a parallel to the late 1930s, when the United States barred most Jewish refugees. The letter noted that refugees are fleeing persecution, not committing it.
‘In 1939, our country could not tell the difference between an actual enemy and the victims of an enemy,’ the rabbis wrote. ‘In 2015, let us not make the same mistake.’

NYTimes / How Well Do You Know Religion?

To put this in context, this means that 14.5% of all Wikipedia page views now are via mobile… In the 15 months it has taken for mobile traffic to triple from 1 billion to 3 billion, overall Wikipedia traffic grew just 33 percent, indicating that many loyal readers are shifting their time to mobile devices,” adds Kapoor. “Secondly, when Wikipedia hit 500 million mobile page views two years ago, 71 percent of that traffic was to the English Wikipedia. Today, only 52 percent of mobile traffic is to English Wikipedia, illustrating that mobile growth has become a global phenomenon.

None of these students had met one another in person. The class directory included people from 125 countries. But, after weeks in the class, helping one another with Newton’s laws, friction and simple harmonic motion, they’d started to feel as if they shared the same carrel in the library. Together, they’d found a passageway into a rigorous, free, college-level class, and they weren’t about to let anyone lock it up.

Virtual classmates help one student reconnect after her country’s government cut off access to the course on YouTube, in TimeThe disruption of education: How technology is helping students teach themselves