“Pornhub, the largest pornography site on the internet, said its US traffic ‘plummeted to some of the…”

“Pornhub, the largest pornography site on the internet, said its US traffic ‘plummeted to some of the lowest levels we’ve seen in years.’ From 1-2pm ET on Monday, when the eclipse was near or at its peak in many parts of the country, traffic was down 54% from an average day in the US state of Wyoming, for example, where Pornhub saw the steepest declines. There were also sharp drops in traffic in Nebraska (-42%), Idaho (-40%), and Oregon (-39%) during that time.”

The eclipse was so impressive, Americans stopped watching Netflix and porn

12 Must-Know Facts About Mobile Video

  • Mobile video viewers won’t wait more than 3 seconds for content to load before losing interest.
  • Two-thirds of smartphone owners watch at least an hour of mobile video per week. That’s a lot of preroll for the likes of HuluPlus, ABC News for iPad and Cookie Monster jams.
  • Consumers pay pretty close attention to those smaller screens: According to Nielsen, in-app mobile video ads are four times more effective than regular television spots at driving purchase intent and are 2.5 times more effective than online.
  • 92 percent of mobile phone consumers share mobile video content with others. Sharing in person or via social networks are the most preferred methods. 
  • Although fewer people own tablets than smartphones (1.9 billion smartphones will be sold worldwide in 2013, compared to about 202 million tablets), time spent viewing video on tablets is nearly equal to that on smartphones.

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10 surprising social media statistics

10 surprising social media statistics

Comscore confirms that Tumblr is the No. 2 social platform — right behind Facebook — in terms of visitor engagement. Moreover, Tumblr is highly popular among internet users and is ranked by Quantcast as one of the top 15 sites in the United States, making it an excellent platform for branded content efforts.