Facebook and Twitter have quantified your social status, turning social interaction into a game that can be measured, and “won". As with any well-structured game, competition, engagement, and stress ensue. There will always be losers.

Snapchat is not a competition. It’s an outlet from the competitive nature of modern content sharing. You choose a select group of people to see your low-fi picture, and you don’t feel pressured to create a masterpiece. Everyone is a winner. Everyone can have fun.

WhatsApp is bigger than Twitter

WhatsApp is bigger than Twitter

Pinterest is now the third most-visited social network, Google is No. 4, and Instagram is No. 11, in the markets Experian measures — which are North America, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.K.

A year ago, Pinterest was No. 188, Google was No. 56 and Instagram was No. 609.

Social networks are made to dissolve. It’s one of the services that social networking sites provide: going away. You don’t want to get stuck with the same version of your friend network indefinitely, or get trapped with the exact same identity forever. It’s often kind of a relief when you quit using an old social media site, because you get to start over from scratch. It’s like shedding your skin.