It’s not just about getting stuff done, as that too is just massively overrated. It’s about a lack of peace and calmness. When do we take time anymore just to do nothing. Even standing in line for a coffee (which is, of course a take out coffee, since there’s no time to just sit in a cafe and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in a real cup) everyone’s on their phones, doing stuff. The human brain actually needs time, every day, just to do nothing and process all of the events that are transpiring.

So what am I doing? Focusing on purposeful activity, single-tasking, and shutting down virtually anything that expects me to deal with it imminently, as there are truly very few events which can transpire that I must reply to in real-time. Somehow I doubt this will negatively impact either my professional or personal life in any way. This doesn’t mean I won’t use services like Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, IM, and the like – it just means I’m getting a lot more comfortable turning them off for long stretches.

My focus in 2013: Enjoying the moments, and having them for myself – not others. Enjoying the view, not the retweets of the photos. Enjoying the funny/cute/silly kids, not worrying about grabbing the camera, nor counting the likes or comments. Enjoying walking into an unknown restaurant, ordering anything I like, getting delighted by it, and telling a friend about it some other time. Sorry real-time, I’m pushing pause.