I don’t like talking to my phone either. I’m faster inputting things on that little touchscreen than I am talking. Plus, talking to your phone feels lame in that revving-your-minivan’s-engine way.

But the TV is different. I do want to talk with my TV. In fact, it’s the only place where a Siri-like interface makes sense now. The problem with Siri is that it can only do a limited number of things and people do tons of stuff with their phones. But we don’t do tons of stuff with our TVs. We want the channel to change. We want the volume to change. We want to record things. We want to play things. We want to turn the thing off. That’s pretty much it.

…So, that’s my suggestion for TV makers: get radically simple. Just give us a way to call out, “ESPN,” while we nurse a hangover. Or “Iron Chef,” after a long day at work. At most, I’d like my TV to answer a simple query, “Is there a James Bond movie on?” But don’t get any fancy ideas. When it comes to TV interfaces, less is more.